Работа для программиста и студента: Обновить VNC сервер и VNC клиента

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Название: Обновить VNC
Заказчик: eCo Software

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eco-dev в составе ArcaOS идут vnc viewer, vnc server
eco-dev а они чьи-то или твои?
Digi|home eco-dev: нет, моих там не могло оказаться - только недавно на
            хобес залил и никто меня про включение их в аркаОС не спрашивал
Digi|home eco-dev: вот Rdesktop собирались туда воткнуть
Digi|home eco-dev: хотя, вюер теоретически мог быть мой, но опять же -
            меня за вьюер не спрашивали.

Экономическое обоснование

  • VNC - очень-очень важно для OS/2. Компьютер OS/2 стоит в углу, как чёрный ящик, на нём что-то важное работает. Удаленное управление очень востребованно.
  • Это нужно предприятиям, для бизнеса, а не домашним пользователям. Т.е. будут покупать.

На стороне Сервера

Нужно ускорить Определение, какая область изменилась. Glassman точно знает что куда.

На стороне Клиента

Нужно запоминать всех клиентов, к которым конектился и предлагать меню:

Вторая проблема: Неудобно передавать комбинации клавиш с зажатым Shift, Alt. Нужно либо подсказку писать, то-ли еще что-то


  • добавить LANGE локализацию
  • подсказки, как приконектится (людям не удобно)
  • глюки, чтобы зависало
  • передавать нажатия кнопок (Atl-комбинации, .. Shift, Ctrl)

ТОГДА, появляется возможность сделать shareware-продукт:


VNC-бесплатные. Нужно сделать свои exe, которые вызывает GPL-dll ?? или так нельзя?

Продажа Shareware

Стоимость конечная: 20 USD, при покупке N лицензий скидки

Есть ли вообще спрос на такой продукт?

  • Угу, пожалуй каждый осевик что-то крутит удаленно.
  • Конечно нужно товарный вид придать и преимущества

Дополнительно нужно

  • Иконки от Wizard, уже отправлено задание


VNC, кнопки 2013/01/24, Carl:

I would specifically request that, via a configuration option if required, the CTRL Key be able to be recognized as an explicit key-strike. I have an application [SPF/PC] that is critical to my operation, that uses the 'right CTRL' key as an 'enter' key. Again, possibly via a configuration option, I would request that it be similar to hitting any of the Fn keys.

I would also second your 'work faster' request.

Да, это важно 2013/01/23, Eirik Romstad

Of those applications listed, a good VNC client so that one can run terminal servers is important. For those of us clinging to eCS in other environments/prefer using it at work, terminal servers for administrative chores like travel reimbursement, are gaining increased attention, amongst other things for security reasons. It would be great if I did not have to boot by Win7 partition or go via a virtual PC to get such things done.

Да, важно melf

Thinking about work as Eirik lifts, I have a long time needed a VPN client to access my work from home. The only one I know for eCS is a ported CLI OpenVPN client which I can't make working, and which is not user friendly. So this would be on my wishlist. I wonder if there exists any Qt4 based VPN clients?

PMVNC 1.02 mouse pointer issue

I use pmvnc all the time to connect remotely to my eCs 2.1.

I was using pmvnc beta 2 until about two weeks ago, when I found out that you had released v. 1.00 to 1.02. It was great to see that v. 1.0x have corrected the issues with some keys not working on VIO screens.

However, I have noticed that with v. 1.0x now the local mouse pointer constantly lags below and to the right of the remote pointer, but only in some windows, and takes a long time to catch up with the remote pointer. As a result, clicking on some objects doesn't happen until the local cursor (usually a black dot) catches up. But otherwise, the local cursor flies instantly to the tip of the remote cursor

This behavior is most noticeable on gvpm (ghostview for OS/2 - all versions), on the page views AFTER a file is open. gvpm's sidebar buttons don't respond unless the remote pointer overshoots the inner border so the local pointer rests on the buttons.

It also happens when editing charts in OpenOffice Calc 3.2, where the local pointer selects objects that aren't associated with the more visible remote pointer.

Would it be possible for you to check this behavior? It can be worked around by using the black dot as the actual pointer, but this is not intuitive and becomes annoying. The other option is to downgrade to v. beta 2, but that seems too limiting.

I use the latest viewers from Real VNC (v.5.2) and TightVNC, on Windows 7 Pro 64 bits. The pointer behavior is the same on both. My connections are at a speed of 2.5 MB per s. In any case, since the problem is not present in pmvnc beta 2, the viewer client has nothing to do with the issue.

Do you have any plans to get the numeric keypad to work? Only the arrow keys work, when Num Lock is Off. Otherwise, none of the keys does anything.

Thank you for your kind help,


Thank you very much for answering my email. Sorry to hear you don't have resources to work on bug fixes.

Anyway, I have reinstalled the beta 2 version executable pmvnc.exe with date Feb. 15 2004, which works great for mouse operations, and I found that the cursor, Ctrl, etc., keys work fine in VIO screens with the v.1.02 pmvnchk.dll, date May 23, 2004. I found this out by chance, because I though I had replaced both .exe and .dll beta2 files, but actually I had only replaced the .exe one.

So things work well so far. Maybe at a later time, someone will get the keypad keys to work.